Who’s up for a weekend of outdoor fun this summer?

At the general meeting on April 3 2010 we decided it would be perfect to get together over the summer for an adventurous outdoor crazy, clean fun weekend. It just happens that one of the Weiboyz friends suggested just the right place for us, a woodland retreat where staff trained in group dynamics and outdoor skills will guide the kokokidz through outdoors activities all weekend long. They can guide us through “bonding experiences” too if we want.

Our group can choose to stay in cabins or tents, participate in high and low rope climbing exercises and go canoeing. If you’re interested in participating too give us a holla. We want to hear your ideas for fund-raising activities and getting sponsors. Share them here in talk back.

We’re being offered the chance to volunteer at Bergen County’s beautiful, new, facility for homeless men and women in Hackensack. If you’re interested in helping out contact Ivan by email or phone 862.203.8814.

Many thanks to Rev. Jackson and Mount Olive Baptist Church for hosting us!

April 4, 2010

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